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ASCC 2006 Tanacross Pictures

Ed. - These are heavily resampled versions of originals for speed purposes. If you just have to have original, let me know what the link is. If it's later than 2007, forget it.

For grins, check out pictures from Spring 1986...

Results - Spring: 3 10 lap heats Saturday, 4 10 lap heats Sunday

           - Fall: 4 10 lap heats Saturday, 4 10 lap heats Sunday


2006 Spring  - Thanks to Alissa Oder

1st Grid Saturday

Violently Fast Capri

Parts source for Non Spec Racer

Just completed Mustang

Freshly not quite completed ITA RX-7

Broke motor before 1st race

One clean truck

Race two Saturday


Fall 2006 - Thanks to Alissa Oder (DSCN*), Donna Clark (IMG_*), Tyler Nelson (DSC0*)

In Anchorage before the long haul

Fastest Cars going through the Bus Stop Sequence

911 w/ new 3.6

Exhibit A

Exhibit B-1

Exhibit B-2

Just tape the mirror back on

American Duct Tape Council promo

Sat Race 2 Grid

Traffic through Bus Stop sequence

510 & Mustang get close in Bus Stop sequence

Spun IT cars in Bus Stop

Sat Race 2 Winner

This was after the line thinned out

He could've and did have a V8

280ZX Autocross Car

Revenge of the Flying Sunroof

Sat Race 3 pace lap sequence

Autocrossing WRX

Autocrossing Nissan 240SX / Silvia Sequence

Just missing the "whoosh"

Autocrossing Datsun 280ZX

You CAN take it with you

Sun Race 1

Hey - what's that rumbling sound coming from the front?

THE Heinrich

Race 2 parade

Pass Sequence

How a flat spot is created

Race 2 end

Race 3 Start

The Mustang takes a different line

Sunday Sunset



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