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Fall 1985 - Marcus Oder (My very first visit - wish I took more pictures!)

Ex E Prod Lotus Europa outbound

Staging for grid

Leaving for Start (right in front of pits)

This is what I recall about Fall '85 (written Fall '05)...

This would be one of the last appearances of cars from Fairbanks (the Speedster replica from Sunshine Rae's) as well as Bob Estey's Formula B. Cort Phalp Jr.'s 911 was back in Alaska after doing the 24 Hours of Daytona the previous winter. Corner worker Sandy Sanders managed to break his ankle while running out onto the course to set up a knocked down pylon during a race. Fortunately, he hobbled off of the track before traffic caught him. John Petersen was there with his Sports 2000 which was amazingly quick, though he managed to launch the (unsecured) rear body work incredibly high when he spun at speed. Some things would remain the same 20 years later: Dwight and Barbara would be there, the drive was about as long, the course just as rough, Fred's Beans, an eleven car field, hovering flies would be out with the sun, the crosses at the end of the runway near the river, Fred would be at Start/Finish, Soldotna was not a summer event on the schedule, and some cones would be sacrificed by dragging. Differences in Fall 2005 would be that: There were at least four enclosed car trailers in the paddock, the "long" course had been replaced by the "short" course for 10 years or so, there were probably more people staying in motorhomes than tents, the car classing structure was quite different (no IT cars in '85 - GT classes I, II, III, IV, IX only), and of the drivers - Terry Bowden, Norm York & John Petersen are no longer with us.

"Staging for grid" photo lineup as I remember it:
1st Row inside: Cort Phalp Jr. / Porsche 911 / #94
1st Row outside: John Petersen / Sports 2000
2nd Row inside: Terry Bowden / Porsche 911 / #48
2nd Row outside: Barbara Bowden / Ford Fiesta / #124
3rd Row inside: Jim Rogers / Lotus Europa / #5
3rd Row outside: (barely visible): Todd Snyder / Formula V - Yes, before he went outside to instruct and drive.
4th Row inside: Norm York / Datsun 200SX
4th Row outside: Cort Phalp Sr. / Porsche 914
5th Row inside: (barely visible): Bob Estey / Formula B
5th Row outside: Terry Estey / IROC Camaro
Pits: Sunshine Rae car (driver is?) / Speedster Replica

There is an ASCC newsletter covering this event by an unknown author with no results. Someday these oldies will be scanned and posted to the Newsletters section.

Spring 1986 - Marcus Oder

Lotus Europa - non T.C.

Grid - Looks like a crowd

Real Man's Racecar - note number

Class I Battle

Mr. Hedberg spins...

..and collects another

Dennis Stauffer's Ghia

Gary Elwood's Honda CIVIC - Earliest ASCC IT Car?


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