Alaska Sports Car Club

Minutes of Membership meetings 2002





April (Annual Meeting)




15 members in attendance, meeting started promptly at 6:30

Ice racing: No berms, no race per our insurance. 1st date canceled. Dalton is our point of contact.

Rondy: ASCC a little shy on entries

Summer Series: Johneee to pursue Nenana, Mayor Bob. And apply for tanacross BLM permits.

General: We use to have a general liability policy for the club, should we pursue it again? Window stickers are being made. It was decided that each member is to receive one each inside sticker and outside sticker. Additional can be purchased for $2.00 each. Super Dave has posters for Ice racing. New batteries are needed for the radio’s.

Adjourned at 7:30.




Seth is to build ice track.

It was added that each membership is to receive two window stickers and one patch. Patches are to be sold at $5.00 each. Windshield sticker are $10.00.

The trailer is to be sold in the spring.




11 members in attendance. Meeting started at 6:40.

Ice racing: no more this year at Lake Lucille. Huston Sneider, owner of the Big Lake Lodge would like us to race out there on the 23rd. He will get with Big Lake rental to make us a track. We need a firm commitment to begin construction of a course. This track should be easier to get people to stay off the track. Edmonds lake also looks like a good possibility. Dalton has had good feed back from the locals. It was moved and approved to fun on the 23rd on Big Lake.

Annual meeting is set for April 20th, Faith to announce location.

Nenana still a good possibility, preferred dates are July 13/14th or 20/21st.

Dalton is to make a call about purchasing pylons.

Future race summer chairman will receive their entry fee for that race waived, or split between co-chairs.

Kevin Seckel is still in Latvia (sp?), he is still active with a youth group wanting to build a race car. He is looking for donations of helmets, harnesses, etc. SCCA donated $150.00. It was agreed to donate $150.00.




April (Annual Meeting)

ASCC Annual meeting April 20th, 2002

Attendance: Faith Palmer, Marcus Oder, Super Dave, Bobbie Dees, Bill Barrington, Ken Martens, Bill Demming, Cheryl Babbe Mikee Scearse, Michele, Johneee Shields, Garth Fenton, Kelly Thompson, Bryan Doughty, Barbara and Dwight Bowden, TJ Clark, Glen and Linda Graham, Mark Graham. Jim Sloan, Cody Sloan, Fred and Crew.

Meeting Started at 6:10 at Sourdough Mining Company.

Mikee Chair.

Ice racing: Three events, one at Lake Lucille, two at Big Lake. Bill liked the location. Bill has the results, they are posted on the website. Super Dave made a great poster for the season. Bill suggested sending a letter – thank you to the big lake lodge.

Tanacross: Johnee chair, discussion of running the long course. Or stay with the same course. Jim Sloan suggested running the long course for a couple heat races, and maybe switching directions. TJ brought up safety with the higher speeds and impacts. Objections are clean up and can the cars that we have now hold up. Potluck BBQ Saturday evening. Glen will be bringing a pump for filling barrels

Nenana: conformation for July 20th and Aug 17th. Fees have not been discussed with Nenana Mayor.

Nominating: President Johneee Shields, 1st VP Dalton, 2nd VP Loren Gerrety, Treasurer Marcus Oder, Secretary Faith Palmer, Trustees Mikee Scearce, TJ Clark, Fred P. our 2nd year term.

Comp rules committee: Jim Sloan, Bill Demming, Barbara Bowden, Bob Dees, Glen Graham, Dwight Bowden.

Comp. License: Marcus suggested reviewing current age restriction for drivers – currently 17 yrs.

Financial: we came out ahead this year, donation of $1000. helped. And less for insurance for Soldotna. Checking $5145.61, Savings $5232.87. P and L Attached.

Pylons: We need about a 100, Dalton had a quote for $5 each.

Summer tech. Need good thorough tech performed on every car prior to the start of the season. Official tech will be May 11th at classic muffler on old Seward, from 9 to 1pm.

Upgrading radios? Ours are being used illegally, we cannot get same frequency. Looking at 300 to 700 for license. Need total of 12 reliable radios. Bill made a motion that we get new radios. Bryan will pursue getting licensing the radios. Jim moved to have Bryan do it within reasonable costs. Passed.

Rollover quarter was passed on to TJ Clark.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25